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Details of the Process

The Timeshare For A Dollar offer is 100% genuine without any hidden conditions. We need to get new owners for many first quality timeshares. You take over ownership from the current owners who may be elderly or retiring and have no need for a quality timeshare vacation anymore.
These folks have paid many thousands of dollars originally for their timeshare or travel club membership, costing $5000 to $100,000. All timeshares offered have all been paid in full, so you get the timeshare ownership for FREE. You also get a $100 Bonus to spend on your vacation, or anywhere you want to use it.
You will receive a call from one of our inventory specialists to introduce you to the offer and answer any questions you may have. You select your most desired timeshare resort location. We then match your selection with our current inventory available.
Once you agree to the choice we select, you sign the documents, which show a sale of $10 US Dollar to you. After the signed documents are received by our office, we send you the official recorded document naming you as the new owner along with the $100 Bonus. You can select more than one timeshare from our inventory to own & become a timeshare king in vacation ownership. All for FREE (zero dollars per timeshare).
• This offer is open to all gender couples or single adults over 21 (one must be over 21 years old).
• You must be able to sign and return documents of ownership within 10 days after we send them to you.
• You may select and own, over time, up to 10 different timeshares anywhere our inventory shows them as available.
• You will receive your timeshare after the documents are filed by us and will be eligible to use it by calling and scheduling your reservation directly with the resort. Many resorts allow you to travel, as a member, to their different locations based on the availability of the dates you select.
• Once an owner, the resort requires you to pay a small membership fee yearly directly to the resort. They use these funds to maintain the property you vacation at.
• If you ever decide years from now to give up your ownership/ membership, give us a call and we will be happy to help with that.
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